ELC Award Ceremony for the English Meme Contest

The English Language Centre (ELC) Award Ceremony for the English Meme Contest was successfully held on December 1, 2021.

The Meme Contest is the first student activity that the English Writing and Communication Centre (EWCC) has held in the current school year. It aims to promote mental health and self-awareness in English through a campus-wide design contest. We have received over 30 submissions of self-created memes from both undergraduate and graduate students. Their design demonstrated their creativity and the delivery of the positive messages.

At the ceremony, the top three prizes were given out by Ms. Vivian Chaplin, Programme Coordinator of the ELC. The first 20 valid submissions received a participation prize presented by Mr. Alan Chan, instructor of the ELC. Finally, a vote had been set up for the prize of the Most Popular Meme, which was presented at the ceremony by Ms. Angel Chan, Teaching Fellow of the ELC.

List of winners:

First Place May, Chang Mei Ian
Second Place Ring, Zhao Ziling
Third Place Lisa, Li Xu
The Most Popular Meme Abner, Han Jiayi


The First 20 Valid Submissions:

1 Celia, Cheng Yunyun
2 Alisa, Yan Hui
3 Freyr, Tang Bowen
4 Grazia, Zeng Ge
5 Rose, He Ruoxi
6 Abner, Han Jiayi
7 Faye, Bi Fei
8 Carmen, Xiao Shuyao
9 Dennis, Hoi Hin Wang
10 Shuairong, Zhu Shuairong
11 Sam, Mak Hong Sam
12 Yan, Xian Yan
13 Ring, Zhao Ziling
14 Qianyu, Chen Qianyu
15 Daniel, Daniel Cez Macatunao Napa
16 Xu, Liu Xu
17 Jacqueline, Chong Ai Li
18 Man Chon, Un Man Chon
19 May, Chang Mei Ian
20 Pei Yi, Chin Pei Yi