On 7 December 2023, the English Language Centre (ELC) awarded top students who had won the “English for Universities” Marathon and Writing Contest via the i-Learner online platform. Spanning two months, the competition attracted over 1200 ELC students to participate. Over 1000 students had completed at least 12 lessons, and 700 students had completed at least 24 lessons. In the writing contest, over 900 students had submitted 12 or more pieces of writing, and 470 students submitted at least 24 pieces of writing. That was over 16,000 pieces of writing our students had completed in just 8 weeks!

The top winner, Lam Chon Wai, a year-1 student of UE1, had completed an impressive 142 lessons with an average score of 92 out of 100, and was awarded 1,000 MOP of book and supermarket coupons! Special prizes were awarded to the top three winners of each level, and the top winners of UE5 students and sport scheme students.

For the writing contest, three winning students each demonstrated their strengths and craft of writing: Liang Jun Feng from UE1 skillfully captured a persuasive argument on reducing the implementation of school uniforms. Ming Ming Ming from UE2 analyzed socio-political issues in a sophisticated informative manner with skilful use of vocabulary in his 3500-word essay. Wong Hun I from UE3 demonstrated a vivid use of language that successfully captured readers’ attention and drew them to the dark reality of online harassment.

“English for Universities” by i-Learner is an online platform that serves as a supplement to ELC’s Academic English Language & Skills courses, University English 1 to 3. The online platform offers English training beyond the classroom to help students build independent learning habits as well as improve English proficiency. The platform provides a series of specifically designed tasks focusing on Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, and Writing, which can fit the needs of students of different disciplines and levels.

ELC aims for these well-crafted thematic lessons to be the catalysts for the comprehensive development of students in University English learning, which aligns with the mission of the ELC — to empower our students to succeed in the English-medium university studies and in life by engaging them in English, academic and global skills learning.

Students’ feedback on the “English for Universities” by i-Learner is generally very positive. Many reflected that by choosing different themes on the “English for Universities” platform, they immensely increased their English proficiency and also complemented their academic subject studies. Students from each level have made the following comments:

“The i-learner platform can be regarded as one of the best tools to improve listening and speaking skills, and it offers useful materials. Lesson design is rich in content and can aid in English improvement. It is a good way to do self-learning.”

(UE1 participant)

“The i-learner platform is a fantastic addition to my courses. I have a self-paced enjoyable learning experience. In this contest, my overall English skills have improved. I am very appreciative of the chance provided by the ELC.”

(UE2 participant)

“Including i-learner in the courses is very useful and interesting. We can do it in our own time, and it can help us to develop various skills.”

(UE3 participant)

The award ceremony commenced with a speech by Mr. Kerrin Burnell, Programme Coordinator of ELC, acknowledging students’ diligence and commitment. The winners, selected based on lesson completion and performance, were awarded certificates of achievement and corresponding prizes. Here is a list of the winners:

Name Faculty
Champion Lam Chon Wai Year 1, FED
1st Place in UE 1 Chan Chon Io Year 1, FAH
2nd Place in UE 1 Nick Jia Ming Liu Year 1, FSS
3rd Place in UE 1 Li Tsz Ching Year 1, FED
1st Place in UE 2 Qin Qianhui Year 1, FSS
2nd Place in UE 2 Cheng Tung Yan Year 1, FSS
3rd Place in UE 2 Hu Jiazhi Year 1, FBA
1st Place in UE 3 Ng Hsing Yann Year 1, FBA
2nd Place in UE 3 Sun Weiliang Year 1, ICI
3rd Place in UE 3 Jiang Xiyan Year 1, FBA
1st place in UE5 Chow Weng Ian Year 1, FAH
1st place in Sports Scheme Kam Lek Wang Year 1, FBA

Best writers:

Writing Champion in UE 1 Liang Jun Feng Year 1, FBA
Writing Champion in UE 2 Ming Mingming Year 1, FST
Writing Champion in UE 3 Wong Hun I Year 1, FBA


Reflecting on this semester’s contest, we extend our congratulations to the winners of the “English for Universities” Marathon and Writing Contest. The ELC will continue to hold English-related contests to entice UM students to learn and practice English at UM. Stay tuned for more activities!

Group photo of all winners:

Champion of the Marathon i-learner Contest:

Champions among UE5 and sports scheme students:

The winners of the writing contest: