“HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Bathed in the merry atmosphere, teachers and students were pleased to see their scones baked in the British scone baking workshop organized by the English Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECAC) on February 28, 2024. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Joan Leong and Ms. Teresa Lam, Senior Instructors of the English Language Centre (ELC), and was held at Moon Chun Memorial College (MCMC).

At the beginning of the workshop, participants were shown a video about the recipe and procedure of make cheese scones.  After that, they had the opportunity to experience making scones by themselves.  Provided with the ingredients, students collaborated in groups and offered helping hands to each other, filling the room with enjoyment, laughter, and the sweet smell of scones in the ovens.  While the scones were being baked, students learned the history and culture of enjoying this traditional food as a quintessential part of the afternoon tea in British culture.  They also learned the different pronunciation of the word ‘scone’ from different regions in the UK.  Participants actively took part in the competition to test their knowledge.

The activities gave participants the experience in making the world’s easiest cheese scones, and ended with students enjoying the delicious scones baked by themselves.  Students left with happy memories of their experience and were excited to know that the next ECAC activity is on its way!  The ECAC student ambassadors actively assisted the hosts and played an important role in the success of the workshop.


Text by: Wang Ting Yi, Julia – ECAC Student Ambassador