Overview about the Project

In an effort to address the challenges posed by unregulated parking of e-scooters and bicycles on campus, particularly in the E6 area, a comprehensive parking optimization program is implemented. The project, known as “Zoning E-scooter & Bicycle Parking Lots at E6,” aims to create a more pedestrian-friendly campus environment while providing convenient parking spaces for owners of e-scooters and bicycles. The initiative, proposed by a student group enrolled in the EELC2010 Academic English: Project-based Learning course, has garnered support from the university community.

The parking spaces ParkEZ group created


Background Information of the Project

Randomly parked electric scooters and bicycles have become a source of inconvenience for pedestrians and riders alike.  Pedestrians often encounter obstacles on the foot paths, while riders may struggle to find suitable parking spaces near their destinations. This project seeks to regulate and optimize parking behavior, improving overall parking efficiency and creating a safer campus environment.

Measures Taken by the Group

Led by student Chen Hai Lun from the Department of Accounting and Cheng Yu Tung College, the group, including Xin Yi Xuan, Cheang Ngou Hin, and Tin Ka Chon, utilized the skills they acquired in the EELC2010 course to deliver a persuasive presentation, demonstrating effective communication techniques such as voice modulation, body language, and organizational strategies.  They successfully secured support from staff and students, prompting the implementation of their proposed project.

To ensure the success of the project, the zoning group collaborated with other students from different groups, including Zhong Yu Zhang, Tang Lok Tong, Wang Yan Jun, Lu Yi Bo. The involvement of multiple students showcases the importance of collaboration and teamwork, skills emphasized in the EELC2010 course.

The zoning group has implemented a comprehensive set of measures to effectively address the parking challenges on campus. First and foremost, Lu diligently observed the traffic flow and meticulously calculated the precise number of parking spaces required. This data-driven approach ensures an optimal allocation of parking resources.

Furthermore, Tin carefully considered the aisle width and vehicle size, resulting in a well-planned layout for the parking spaces. This thoughtful approach accounts for the specific dimensions of e-scooters and bicycles, maximizing convenience and efficiency.

To raise awareness and foster a culture of responsible parking, Tang’s creative prowess shone through in the design of captivating posters. These visually appealing displays will be strategically placed in high-traffic areas across the campus, effectively conveying the importance of adhering to parking regulations.

In addition, the entire team, led by Lu and Zhong, will work collaboratively to set up an informative booth on April 22, 2024, from 14:15-16:15. This engaging and interactive booth will feature educational games and activities, providing the community with valuable insights into the parking area changes and promoting a sense of responsibility among parkers.

Recognizing the power of digital platforms, Cheang took the initiative to establish a dedicated website.  This online resource will serve as a centralized hub for information, allowing students and staff to access parking guidelines, updates, and relevant resources conveniently.

To expand the reach and impact of the initiative, Zhong, Cheang, and Tin collaborated to create a compelling video that highlights the importance of responsible parking. Leveraging the popularity of social media, Tin established the “UMparkEZ” Instagram account, which will serve as an interactive platform for sharing parking tips, updates, and engaging with the campus community.

Furthermore, Chen played a pivotal role in ensuring transparency by preparing a comprehensive financial statement. Additionally, she wrote an article featured in UM Today, effectively disseminating information and generating awareness about the project’s goals and progress.

With this multifaceted approach encompassing observation, planning, awareness campaigns, interactive booths, online resources, and informative articles, the zoning group is revolutionizing campus parking for e-scooters and bicycles, fostering a safer and more organized environment for all.

ParkEZ booth

Students took part in the booth actively 

Learning Outcomes from EELC2010

This project exemplifies the practicality of the Academic English: Project-based Learning (EELC2010) course. EELC2010 is a one-semester Academic English course designed for students with an intermediate English language level. It focuses on developing essential skills such as academic writing, speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork. Through experiential learning, students apply these skills to observe, collect information, persuade, and create impactful written and spoken projects.

The course consists of two modules. In the “Pay It Forward” Project (PIFP), students design and implement social responsibility initiatives, competing for funding to bring their proposals to life. The second module, the Multi-Genre Creative Project (MGCP), challenges students to produce two creative works in different genres related to their PIFP. Throughout the course, students learn to analyze and replicate project proposals, conduct primary and secondary research, synthesize information, understand rhetorical situations, and produce writing and speaking in various academic genres.

“By participating in the EELC2010 course, we gained valuable skills in presentation and recognized the impact a small team can have on our campus. Most importantly, it encouraged us to identify areas that need improvement in our daily lives and inspired us to strive for positive change,” said a student who participated in the project. “It kindled my love for UM as well.”


Project Outcomes

With the implementation of this project, the campus can look forward to improved parking efficiency, orderly parking of electric scooters and bicycles, and a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone.

ParkEZ website: https://zoning.great-site.net


Text: Chen Hailun

Photo: Chen Hailun