ELC-EWCC WRITE-UP: Multimodal Writing Workshop

The ELC is thrilled to announce that the Writing Month workshop on “Multimodal Writing”, hosted by Dr. Kathleen Vacek and the ELC was held successfully on 23 November 2022. 

The ELC welcomed the first ever Writing Month, themed “Write Now-Here’s How”, in November 2022, with a guest talk series and an ELTA workshop series. The last guest talk on multimodal writing was finally held on 23 November. The ELC was honored to have invited Dr. Kathleen Vacek, who is a professional academic writing consultant. The focus of this workshop is to demonstrate to students that non-verbal elements are as important as verbal elements in communication and meaning conveyance and to increase students’ awareness to the appellation in a language.

The students were highly engaged in the workshop, especially in the activities. The students were asked to create a piece of multimodal writing in different forms, regarding different modes in communication. The students unleashed their creativity and shared their ideas in the workshop. This workshop succeeded in triggering students to think about “how to carry out a successful and meaningful communication”.

It was an amazing writing activity where college students could immerse themselves in an English environment and express themselves in not only English but also by non-verbal means.