ELC-EWCC WRITE-UP: Research-based Writing Workshop

The ELC is thrilled to announce that the first ever Writing Month workshop, “Research-based writing”, hosted by Ms. Amanda Gates was held successfully on 9 November 2022. 

The ELC welcomed the first ever Writing Month, themed “Write Now-Here’s How”, in November 2022, with a guest talk series and an ELTA workshop series. The first workshop, which is a guest talk on “Research-based writing”, was held on 9 November. The ELC was honored to invite Ms. Amanda Gates, who is a professional in teaching college writing. Ms. Amanda shared some fundamentals in using resources, research methods, and tips to avoid plagiarism. 

The students were highly engaged in the workshop, and found it very useful, especially for students who are conducting a thesis or research. Moreover, the students expressed some concerns and doubts when they were working on research, and Ms. Amanda provided our students with some suggestions and recommendations. In addition, there was a follow-up task for students to practice the knowledge they had learned from Ms. Amanda.  

It was an amazing writing activity where college students could gain knowledge in conducting academic research from a professional, practice the knowledge they had learned, and share the experience with their peers.