ELC-EWCC WRITE-UP: Workshop for Preparing for Job Interviews

Prepared by ELC student ambassadors: Manna Chio and Alan Chan Kuan Lon, ECAC Ambassadors

Most of us face the challenges of applying for a job.  As students, we are still inexperienced and need the all-important tips in going through the process, especially handling job interviews.  To equip students with the necessary skills, the ELC English Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ELC-ECAC) organized a workshop on “Preparing for Job Interviews” facilitated by Ms. Angel Chan, ELC Teaching Fellow.

During the workshop, students were introduced to various interview techniques including identifying appropriate dress code, important interview strategies, the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results) answering strategy, and a 30-second self-commercial.  Through these strategies, students can highlight their strengths during the job application process.  Students also shared their experiences in overcoming their struggles with their studies and life obstacles.  This was followed by a mock interview participated by student ambassadors and ELC instructors where students had to answer actual interview questions.  After the interviews, participants received feedback from their mock interviewer.  The workshop concluded with sharing what they learned in the exercise, and participants were given interview kits which contained some gadgets, checklists and tips that provide timely help to prepare them for job interviews in the future.

The workshop attracted students from the graduate and undergraduate programmes.

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English Language Centre