2021 The English Language Centre Presents –
Guest Talk: From Self Doubt to Self Love:
Your Secret to Happier & More Fulfilling Life

As part of the student activities of the first semester of 2021/2022, the English Language Centre (ELC) invited Ms. Hailey Wong, a certified transformational life mastery consultant, and the founder of Fuel Your Infinite, to give a guest talk on “Self-improving and self-exploring” via Zoom on November 17, 2021.

Ms. Hailey Wong had kicked off the talk with a short meditation where students could refresh their mind. She then brought up the question “How do your speech and acts affects you in person?” for students to think over. She also showed a picture of elements that could lead to (refer to the pictures below), telling us how the three elements of Think, Sense, and Act could be connected to our lives and reflect ourselves in the reality.

At the end of the talk, attendees were allowed some time to raise questions and give feedback. Most of them commented that the guest talk was “very useful” and “inspiring”. Ms. Hailey Wong also encouraged the attendees to keep finding their keys to the door for happiness. Through this guest talk, the ELC hopes to bring in more positivity and happiness to the UM community.

English Language Centre

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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