The English Language Centre (ELC) is thrilled to announce that the English Academic Workshop Series, hosted by the The English Writing and Communication Centre (EWCC) tutors, was successfully concluded.

The ELC welcomed a series of English Academic Workshops, themed “Beyond Words”, in September 2023. The series included Email Writing, Reading for University, SQ3R Reading Skills, and Effective Intercultural Communication. The workshops aimed at allowing students to have an all around English language development and gain practical skills for university study.

The students were highly engaged in the workshop, especially in the activities. Hands-on tasks are assigned to students, which allow them to put theories into practice. The students unleashed their creativity and shared their works with their peers. Overall, the activities provided a good platform for the students to get along with their schoolmates.

The English Academic Workshop Series is successfully concluded with all the support from our teachers and students. The ELC is happy to see our college students immersing themselves in an English environment, working with their peers and expressing themselves in English.