Prof Ronald Fong and Prof Yao Jingming won awards at Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

Prof Ronald Fong, Department of English, and Prof Yao Jingming, Department of Portuguese,  recently won  awards at the Fifth Outstanding Ach...

7 Jan 2019



Quality Supervision

The Department offers advanced students the opportunity to engage in new and exciting research under the guidance of faculty members who are experts in their fields.

Innovative Teaching

The Department encourages students to reach a high standard of performance in the critical appreciation, interpretation and analysis of English texts, in the creation of new, original texts, and in translation between English and other languages. We emphasise not only the acquisition of knowledge about English but also the development and application of creative skills in English.

Multi-disciplinary Research

The Department combines innovation and experience to generate cutting-edge research in English Literature, English Linguistics and Translation Studies.


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Welcome to the Department of English

The Department of English offers distinctive teaching and research of international quality that emphasises the historical and current role of English as a global medium of literary, linguistic and intercultural communication. Our staff are internationally recognised for their scholarship and have strong disciplinary bases in English Literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies, thus giving a distinctive multi-disciplinary and international perspective to our work.

This is characterised by various areas of expertise:

Welcome to the Department of English


Our undergraduate and advanced postgraduate courses allow students the option of not only reading and writing about literature and translation but engaging in creative activities, whether producing original work or work in translation.

Intercultural Language and Literatures

Much of our research and teaching in Literature is characterised by a global perspectives (e.g. Colonial and Postcolonial Writing, Travel Writing, Holocaust Literature); in Translation Studies and Linguistics our research and teaching are also characterised by comparative, contrastive and intercultural perspectives.


Since many of our students are drawn from secondary and tertiary education in Macao and on the Mainland, a strong pedagogical theme runs through our provision. This strain can be seen, for example, in our teaching and publications in Applied Linguistics and Literary Linguistics.


Many of our advanced courses and much of our research address issues of performance, from the study and performance of Shakespearian or contemporary American drama, through creative writing, to the study of film, media discourse, speech corpora, and the pragmatics of intercultural communication.