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The Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies (CIELA) is pleased to invite all those interested to the Webinar “TRIBUTES TO JOSÉ SARAMAGO ON HIS CENTENNIAL BIRTH ANNIVERSARY – SARAMAGO IN CHINESE AND IN JAPANESE: TALKING TO THE TRANSLATORS” by Dr. Kinoshita Maho  (Portuguese Cultural Centre, Embassy of Portugal, Tokyo) and Prof. Wang Yuan   (Peking University), being held on April 07, 2022, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, via Zoom: https://umac.zoom.us/j/95339592093


This is the second event organized by the Department of Portuguese & CIELA to mark the worldwide commemorations of the Portuguese Nobel Literature Laureate, following an online seminar held on April 21,22 & 24.  This webinar will focus on the experience of translating Saramago into East Asian Languages, specifically to Chinese and Japanese. In this webinar, one of his translators to Chinese, Prof. Wang Yuan, and to Japanese, Dr. Kinoshita Maho, will share their personal experiences in translating this author to these respective languages. Saramago is well known for his very particular use of punctuation as well as resorting to many historic references specific to Portugal but many times unknown to the foreign reader. How these two and other challenges that arise from his works can be tackled and possibly resolved for the Chinese and the Japanese readers is what the two invited translators will share with the audience. The focus will specifically be on the novels ‘Journey of the Elephant’ and ‘All the Names’. A general perspective of Saramago’s translations in China and Japan, as well as the author’s receptivity in both countries will also be discussed.

Following their presentations the session will be open to further discussion on the topics covered in an informal exchange between the invited speakers, the moderators and the online audience.

CIELA wishes to thank the José Saramago Foundation, the Cultural Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Beijing and the Camões Portuguese Cultural Centre,  at the Portuguese Embassy in Tokyo for their assistance in contacting the translators.