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The Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies (CIELA) is pleased to invite all those interested to the Workshop on Oral Expression of Poetry, by Carlos Nicolau Antunes, being held on November 25 & 29, and December 02 & 06, 2021, at 6:00pm, via Zoom.

The overall contents which will be presented and worked on throughout the 4 sessions of this workshop include: fundamentals of elocution, articulation and diction;  sound and musicality in poetry and its conscious use;  words of value, breathing and rhythmic cadence;  relationship between word, imagination and emotion;  written Poetry Styles and Poetic Expression Styles.

Each participant will have the opportunity to orally work on a short poem of their choice (no larger than a sonnet or equivalent), communicating it (read or said by heart) to the camera. We will, case by case, observe in practice the principles for an effective communication of the poem.


At the end of the workshop it is intended that the participants are able to autonomously apply the principles for an effective oral communication of a poem.


Presentation of the principles and contents using expository methodology through multimedia means that facilitate a concrete understanding. Exercises performed in groups that allow the experience of the principles. Work individually with each participant using a poem (or piece of poem) of their choice. The work will focus on the constraints of the style and specificity of the chosen text, as well as on the potential and idiosyncrasies of each individual.

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