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The CIELA open guest talk series World Varieties of Portuguese  and Portuguese-based Contact Languages aims to contribute to the diffusion of current research in the field, from creole languages to non-vernacular varieties, emerging national varieties and L2 learner varieties.

Each session will focus on specific regional or national varieties of Portuguese or Portuguese-based contact languages.  Foir  the current edition spaced out through 3 weeks in December 2021, the series will cover the following: 

Session 1 (03/12/21)  8:30pmSāo Tomé and Príncipe Portuguese Varieties 

Session 2 (10/12/21)  8:00pm   Asian Portuguese-based creoles: Sri Lanka Portuguese and Malacca Papia  Kristang

Session 3 (17/03/21)  8:30pm   Portuguese Language in Angola 

All session are open and can be accessed through the ZOOM links provided.

ZOOM LINK: https://umac.zoom.us/j/93458074389

Language of the current edition: Portuguese