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FAH-ELC EELC2010: “Student-led Pay-it-Forward Project” (2023)

EELC2010 Academic English: Project-based Learning presents – 2023 “Pay-it-Forward” projects

9 groups of EELC2010 students are holding 12 events across two weeks from April 17 – April 24, 2023 for all UM members. Please see this link for the overall and individual event posters: https://fah.um.edu.mo/event/fah-elc-eelc2010-student-led-projects-2023/.  

We hope to see you all there!

To help you decide what to choose, please see table below:

April 17 (Mon) and April 20 (Thurs) If you are looking for a quick event to learn some knowledge and get inspired, we recommend:

  • UM Promotion Day (E4 – E6)
  • Period Pride (E4 – E6)
  • UM Umbrella Sharing, and (E4 – E6)

Free Sanitary Pads  (E4 – E6)

April 19 (Wed) If you are looking for a festive event (to enjoy eating, making handicrafts, and shopping), we highly recommend:

  • Flea Market Festival (E31)

Cross-cultural Festival (E31) – please register

April 19 (Mon) & April 20 (Thurs) If you want to help improve the laundry rooms in the RCs, please support:

  • Washing Machine Revolution (MLC)

UM Laundry (SHEAC)

April 20 (Thus) & April 24 (Mon) If you are an animal lover, and you would like to learn how to take care of stray cats at UM, please join these two workshops:

  • Cat Toy Factory (E6-2102) – please register

Cat Education Workshop (E6-2102) – please register

April 21 (Fri) If you want to support the elimination of menstrual shame and learn how to make a sanitary napkin pouch, join this workshop:

Sanitary Napkin Pouch workshop (E6-2115)


English Language Centre
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Rundown 1 (April 17th to 19th) Rundown 2 (April 20th to 24th)