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i-Learner Contest for 2nd Semester of AY20/21

Many of you use an online program called “i-Learner English for Universities platform” to practice your English language skills.
“i-Learner” is a self-directed program for English language learning, with which you can practice your English skills online at your own pace. Many students have enjoyed their learning experience with i-Learner and have given positive reviews.

This semester the ELC is glad to introduce an “i-Learner Contest” again to further encourage student participation in using the program. If you want to join the contest, you need to complete as many i-Learner lessons as you can. The top 5 students who have completed the most numbers of lessons with the highest marks will be given attractive prizes.

All students enrolled in ELC courses in 2020/2021 are registered i-Learner users.
You can follow the steps below to start accumulating your i-Learner lessons during the competition period NOW from March 19 to May 14.

1. Log into https://um.i-learner.com.hk/ with your UM account information.
2. Choose “English Language Centre” (not Residential Colleges)
3. Choose the topics at your current ELC course levels or above.
4. Complete as many lessons as you can in order to be competitive in the i-Learner Contest!

i. Scores will be valid only if you complete the i-Learner lessons at your current ELC course levels or above.

ii. EELC1002 and EELC1008 students can choose and complete the IE2 and AE lessons; EELC1003 students can choose and complete the AE lessons.

We encourage you to spend some time learning English and completing i-Learner lessons every day. That way you may win book and supermarket coupons up to MOP1,000. Stay tuned for the prize list!

All students enrolled in ELC courses in 2020/2021 can have access to the i-Learner English learning website via https://um.i-learner.com.hk/. Come and join us!

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email: fah_elc_elta@um.edu.mo

Best regards,
English Language Centre
Faculty of Arts and Humanities