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The University of Macau (UM) is to hold the UM Open Day on 17 Jan 2021 (Sunday). The UM Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) features “Opening the Door to a World of Possibilities” with 11 booth games and a cultural exhibition. Visitors will be exposed to the multilingual world as they explore human stories, experience riches of various cultures, play games and win prizes.

Come and learn more about the unique learning environment of FAH.

Game booths:

  1. Country and Language
  2. History TIC TAC TOE
  3. UM’s Motto in Analects
  4. Philosophy Treasury Hunt
  5. Funny Allegorical Sayings
  6. Unique Chinese Heritage: Couplets
  7. UM Lucky Wheel
  8. Portuguese Language Booth
  9. Portuguese Memory
  10. The Challenger
  11. Guess the meanings of Japanese phrases!

Cultural exhibitions:

Legend of Pen and Ink: Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Celebrities Calligraphy (One of Fu Tianhong’s New Poetry Personal Collection Exhibition Series)

Venue: E34-G016 Exhibition and Multifunction Hall of Cultural Building

Prizes (While the stocks last):