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Spring 2024 i-Learner English for Universities Marathon Competition



This semester, ELC is glad to introduce the i-Learner English for Universities Marathon Competition. The deadline for the competition is April 30.

To join the contest, students have to complete as many lessons as possible. The ELC will select one champion who achieves the highest completion regardless of the level. The champion will be awarded MOP 1000 in book and supermarket coupons. Meanwhile, the top students at each level who have completed the most will be awarded for their exceptional efforts. For the writing competition, the top students from UE 1-3 who have completed the writing task with the highest score will be awarded. The winners will also receive a certificate from the ELC.


All students enrolled in ELC courses in 2023/24 are automatically registered as i-Learner users. Follow the steps below to explore new lessons:

  1. Log into https://um.i-learner.com.hk/ with your UM account information.
  2. Lessons in both the “University English” and “English Marathon” sections are counted in the competition.
  3. Choose the topics at your current ELC course levels.
  4. Complete as many lessons as you can with a score above 70% to win the prize!  


  1. Scores will be valid only if you complete the i-Learner lessons at your current ELC course level, e.g. students in EELC1011 should complete UE1 lessons 
  2. UE1 lessons are open to EELC1011 students; UE2 lessons are open to EELC1012; UE3 lessons are open to EELC1013 students; Advanced Skills Practice lessons are open to EELC2008/09/10/11/12 students.


For inquiries, contact us at fah_elc_ells@um.edu.mo.


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English Language Centre










  1. 使用您的澳門大學帳戶信息登錄https://um.i-learner.com.hk/
  2. “大學英語”和“英語馬拉松”部分的課程都計入比賽
  3. 選擇與您當前ELC課程級別相符的主題
  4. 完成盡可能多的課程,並且確保分數超過70%以贏得獎品



  1. 只有在您當前ELC課程級別完成的i-Learner課程分數才有效,例如EELC1011的學生應完成UE1課程。
  2. UE1課程開放給EELC1011學生;UE2課程開放給EELC1012學生;UE3課程開放給EELC1013學生;Advanced Skills Practice課程開放給EELC2008/09/10/11/12學生。