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Winner 得獎者

繆詠琪 MIO WENG KEI 大獎 1st Prize : Apple Watch SE 40mm (1份)

1st Prize: Apple Watch SE 40mm (1pc)

梁詠婷 Leong Weng Teng 二獎 2nd Prize: 富士即影即有相機 (1份)

2nd Prize: Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Camera (1pc)

吳詠豪 Ng Weng Hou 三獎 3rd Prize: SONY 雙輸出行動電源 (1份)

3rd Prize: SONY Power bank (1pc)

许筱潼 xuxiaotong 四獎 4th Prize: $100 超市禮券

4th Prize: $100 Supermarket cash coupon

戴博文 DAI BOWEN 四獎 4th Prize: $100 超市禮券

4th Prize: $100 Supermarket cash coupon

關詠怡 KUAN WENG I 四獎 4th Prize: $100 超市禮券

4th Prize: $100 Supermarket cash coupon

*得獎者會有專人聯繫領獎 The winner will be contacted by the organizer

**得獎者必須於2023年4月28日前領取獎品, 所有逾期換領將不獲受理。 The winner must redeem the Prize before 28/4/2023 otherwise the prize will be forfeited.


Organized by the University of Macau Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the UM Language and Culture Day 2023 continues to feature “Cherish mother tongues; Embrace all cultures” with a series of exciting activities including the International Language and Culture Opening Ceremony, culture and language workshops, Cultural Treasure Hunt. The event aims at preserving mother tongues and promoting linguistic and cultural diversity. Join the UM Language and Culture Day to get a light lunch and win an Apple Watch!

1. Opening Ceremony

Date: 29th Mar 2023

Time: 13:00 – 13:45

Venue: E21A FAH Lobby

Time Item
12:15-12:45 Redeem a light lunch and a lucky draw ticket at the FAH Lobby after finishing the Cultural Treasure hunt
13:00-13:35 Ribbon-cutting

Cultural Performances

13:35-13:45 Lucky Draw**

Prizes: Instant camera (1pc)

$200 Supermarket cash coupon (2pcs)

* Offer valid while stocks last.

** Winners need to redeem the prizes on stage during the lucky draw session.

2. Language and Culture Workshops

Date: 29th Mar 2023


Remarks: The participants will receive a confirmation email after successful enrollment. If the registered participant is not able to attend, please inform Ms. Lisa Lam (Tel: 8822 8910/ Email: lisalam@um.edu.mo) three working days before the date of the workshop; otherwise, it will affect your application for any activities organized by FAH in the future.

POR[CELAIN]TUGUESE | E21A-G038 | 13:45 – 14:30

Language: Mandarin & Portuguese

Quota: 12 participants

When Chinese porcelain meets Portuguese pattern, it can also collide with different sparks. In this workshop, we will introduce the cultural symbols of China and Portugal. Then, you can choose to design your own decoupage collage using Chinese porcelain fragments to be placed on templates with Portuguese elements.

Chinese Kite Making Workshop| E21A-G037| 13:45 – 14:45

Language: English & Mandarin

Quota: 10 participants

“Zhǐyuān(Paper Eagle)” first originated in the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty in China. They were invented by the ancient Chinese people. Later, people ingeniously added whistles or bamboo flutes to paper eagle, and renamed it “Fēngzhēng” (kite). Fēng is “wind”,zhēng is ancient Chinese stringed instrument. When the kite flies into the sky and is blown by the wind, it can make the sound of this stringed instrument, which is the origin of its name in Chinese.

Furoshiki-wrapping Experience Workshop| E21A FAH Learning commons| 13:45 – 14:30

Language: Cantonese & Mandarin

Quota: 20 participants

Furoshiki (風呂敷) are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths used to wrap and/or transport goods. In Japanese “furo” means bathing and “furoshiki” is a product that emerged in a bathhouse. In recent years, Furoshiki is suggested as an alternative to plastic bags for environmental protection.

Easter Egg Decoration Workshop| FAH Learning commons| 13:45 – 14:30

Language: English (Assisted with Chinese when necessary)

Quota: 12 participants

This is a decoration workshop of Easter egg. The Language and Cultural Day of 2023 is just a week before Easter and so the workshop comes at the right time as an advanced celebration of the traditional festival. In this workshop, we expect to invite 10 participants to join an activity where they will decorate an ‘Easter egg’. We will begin with the introduction of the traditional culture of Easter eggs. After that, a painted easter egg will be provided to them as a sample. They will then be provided with items like paint and paint brush for them to design their own Easter egg.

Chinese Ink Art Calligraphy Experience Workshop| E21A-G039| 13:45 – 14:30

Language: Cantonese & Mandarin

Quota: 20 participants

Chinese calligraphy is not only a manifestation of Chinese culture, but also a treasure of world culture. In the calligraphy workshop, participants will independently complete calligraphy works under the guidance of professional instructors, from which they will understand the infinite charm of traditional calligraphy culture, experience the charm of brush writing, and feel the line art of Chinese aesthetics. Participants can exert their imagination fully. Combining their individual creativity and aesthetic taste, they can create their own works on the round fan or letter papers and enjoy themselves.”


Finding the ‘Azulejo’: A Contemporary Embodiment of the Traditional Portuguese Artistry| E21A-G040| 13:45 – 14:30

Language: English& Portuguese& Mandarin

Quota: 20 participants

Embark on this creative explorer’s mission to bring the ‘Azulejo’ artistry into our day-to-day lives.” Long is the history that paints the well-known, delicate, and fine Portuguese tile art, and so we find it of the utmost importance to celebrate it. In this workshop activity, the entire community is welcome to embrace a creative and slow-paced breather from their busy modern lives and learn how to make this antique art a part of an ordinary object such as a cup base. Besides honouring traditional art, this activity strives to also be environmentally friendly by using some reused materials.

Philosophy Movie Theater: “Minority Report” (2002, Steven Spielberg) | E21A-G035| 12:30 – 15:30

Language: English

Quota: 30 participants

Have you ever wondered whether your future is set or you are in control of your life? Minority Report, a science-phi movie directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, addresses this fundamental problem of human existence, and considers the ideas of fate and free will within a futuristic context. On the surface, Minority Report looks as an action movie full of futuristic technology. Seeing this movie through the lens of philosophical ideas will show how relevant both movies (works of art, in general) and philosophy can be.


3. Cultural Treasure Hunt

Date: 22/03/2023 – 04/04/2023

Venue: FAH Ground Floor

Various cultural characteristics will be displayed on the FAH Ground floor. UM members can look for the exhibition boards on the FAH Ground Floor and answer all the questions correctly to automatically enter the Grand Lucky Draw. Prizes include Apple Watch, Instant camera, Power bank, and Supermarket cash coupon.

The result will be announced on this webpage on 12 April 2023.



1st Prize: Apple Watch SE 40mm (1pc)

2nd Prize: Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Camera (1pc)

3rd Prize: SONY Power bank (1pc)

4th Prize: $100 Supermarket cash coupon (3 pcs)


Terms & Conditions

  1. Each participant could only enroll once for the lucky draw.
  2. Only UM members are eligible for taking part in this campaign.
  3. FAH administrative staff and organising committees are not eligible for the Lucky Draw.
  4. The winner must redeem the Prize before 28/4/2023 otherwise the prize will be forfeited.
  5. FAH reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions and may withdraw or discontinue the Lucky Draw without prior notice. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of FAH.