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Nearly 130 works of art will be on display in this exhibition. Through innovative curatorial approaches, the exhibition will bring an unrivalled visual feast to visitors, showcasing oil paintings created in the Normandy region of France by over ten prestigious Western painters, including Théodore Géricault, Claude Monet, Gustave Courbet, Eugène Boudin and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, as well as the photographic works by artists of their time. Apart from that, the exhibition has set up another section featuring paintings by the 20th century French neo-impressionist André Hambourg, as well as landscape masterpieces created in Macao by Western and Chinese artists such as George Vitalievich Smirnoff, Luîs Luciano Demée, and Kwok Se, who drew inspiration from the integration of different cultures. Macao, as a blend of Eastern and Western cultures, was historically the entry point for Western oil paintings to be introduced to China Through this exhibition, visitors will see how artists from different timesand regions, from Normandy to Macao, listened to the call of art and depicted the ‘same patch of sky’ through their own gaze.

Location:1F/2F, Museum of Art, University of Macau, Wu Lee Sun Library (E2)

Open during public holidays(Except for 10 Feb – 12 Feb)