The ELC English Presentation Contest was successfully held last Wednesday, November 27, 2019. The Contest aimed at providing a stage for EELC1003 students to fulfill their talent in English presentation and share what they had learned in their EELC1003 class. The target audience was all UM students, especially EELC1002 and EELC1001 students who could familiarize themselves with this kind of program in advance. There were two topics for presenters to choose from. One was A Better/More Sustainable World and the other was the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Around 50 people attended the Contest. Participating teachers and students were active and fully enjoyed it. They gave positive feedback on our event. For example, after the Contest, two teachers suggested that this English Presentation Contest should be held again in the future. We are pleased to receive positive feedback from our participants. The ELC will continue to organize more events like this in the future to provide a platform for students to demonstrate their English abilities and skills and boost their confidence in using English.

The awards are as follows.

The First prize: Team Non-recyclists(Cassandra Chiu, Chen Chun, IP HOI FONG)

The Second Prize:  Team Miranda’s Kids(CHEN YIBO, LIN JIAHUI, ZHAN ZIQING, YE KEYING) & Team Group of Coffee(Lin Jing Rui, Tan Jing Wen, Yu Chen Dong)

The Third Prize: Team Too Hard Team(Wang Guangyi, Lin Meiling) & Team High Mark Killers(Li Yuan, Jia Shijie, Liu Weicheng)

Please check out the ELC webpage ( for more information and photos. Thank you very much for your participation in the ELC English Presentation Contest and your support for the English Language Centre.

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