Dean of FAH, Prof. Xu Jie delivered a talk

Assistant Dean (Student Affairs) of FAH, Prof. Victoria Lei hosted the event

To further enhance the collaboration and communication between Faculty of Arts and Humanities, (FAH), University of Macau and local secondary schools, as well as to introduce the disciplines offered at the faculty, FAH successfully hosted an event with local secondary schools on 6 December 2023 and invited representatives from several schools to attend the event.

The event kicked off by an academic talk led by Prof. Xu Jie, Dean of FAH. In his talk, he discussed his own language-learning experiences. He emphasized the advantages and opportunities that come with learning multiple languages. Additionally, he shared examples and raised thought-provoking questions for the attendees to consider which led to a highly interactive dialogue, and ended up having an in-depth discussion with attendees about language acquisition strategies.

A total of 32 representatives from Escola Keang Peng (Secção Secundária), Escola de Aplicação Anexa à Universidade de Macau, Escola Pui Tou, Escola Secundária Ilha Verde da Associação Comercial de Macau, Escola Secundária Pui Ching, Escola Hou Kong, Colégio Mateus Ricci (Secundário), Escola Kao Yip, Escola Estrela do Mar, Escola da Associação para Filhos e Irmãos dos Agricultores, em chinês Choi Nong Chi Tai Hoc Hau and Escola Tong Nam – Secundária attended the academic talk, discussion forum and dinner.

Academic Talk and Discussion Forum with local schools

Event attracted representatives from several local secondary schools

Representatives joined dinner with FAH professors