Glenn is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and has contributed to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, the Dictionary of Literary Biography, the Macao Historical Dictionary, and is a  Member of the Modern Language Association.  He is founding Director of the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre and is Programme Director of the International Centre for Jewish Studies in London.

Timmermans was the recipient of a major research grant from the University for a project on Contemporary Writing in English [MYRG2015-00083-FAH].  This ran for three years (2015 – 2018) and supported over 12 students through their MA studies.  Over sixteen international writers were brought to the University over the duration of the Project and they were all interviewed by participating students, many of whom went onto write their MA theses on some of these writers.  These interviews were filmed and are now being transcribed and collected into a fully searchable database. With additional funding we hope also to provide subtitles in Chinese for each of the interviews.

The Department of English will host the annual Asian-Pacific Writers and Translators Association Conference in November 2019 and it is hoped many of the participants will also agree to be interviewed and added to this database so that this can be an ongoing collection of contemporary writing.  We have been most fortunate in being able to work also with the Macao Script Road Literary Festival, where many visiting writers have participated in this project.  This has also led to fruitful co-operation within the Department, with Professor Chiu Man Yin, and with the Department of Communication and their film team, especially Professor Ben Hodges.  The support of the University Research Committee with the award of the Multi-Year Research Grant is much appreciated.

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