Eva Koralnik shares her personal experience

On 17 January, a Holocaust Survivor Eva Koralnik came to the University of Macau (UM) to share her personal experience for the first time in English at the invitation of the university’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH). She hoped that the Holocaust history will bring future generations not hatred but profound lessons.

The talk attracts a full-house audience

Eva was born in Budapest in 1936, the daughter of a Hungarian father and a Swiss mother. She had a comfortable, middle class, childhood, until the Germans invaded Hungary in 1944. From that point on, Jews from the Hungarian provinces outside Budapest and its suburbs were rounded up and the first transports to Auschwitz began in early May 1944. With the help of a diplomat of the Swiss Legation in Budapest, Eva, her mother and baby sister were able to escape to Switzerland. However, Eva’s father was taken to a labour camp and joined the family only after the War in January 1946.

Eva spent her childhood years in St. Gallen, and subsequently studied translation at Geneva University. Afterwards, Eva completed her studies at the Literary Department of the Hebrew University and went on to have an illustrious career which saw her run the Liepman Literary Agency in partnership. The Agency represents many internationally renowned authors as well as a number of important Estates.

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Source:  My UM