On 19 January 2024, an enjoyable exchange event was held at Lecture Hall E4-1061 of the University of Macau, where 50 first year junior high school students from the Japanese School of Hong Kong exchanged ideas with 32 senior students majoring in Japanese Studies. At the beginning of the event, the student representatives introduced the general situation of the University of Macau in detail, giving the participants an in-depth understanding of the educational environment, student life and development prospects of the University of Macau. A poster session was then held to display the semester research results of the university students. Participants were able to interact with each other on different topics, and high school students were able to learn more about the learning situation of undergraduates through this session. The exchange event also featured group discussions and games, where participants exchanged views on topics of common interest and learnt from each other’s perspectives. At the end of the event, representatives of the two schools delivered speeches, sharing their thoughts on the exchange, and expressing their gratitude to each other, as well as their wishes for continued co-operation and interaction between the two institutions.