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Reviewer, Kritika Kultura

Featured Speaker. “Postcolonial Paranoia, Reparative Reading, and World(ing) Literature”. UNITAS 100 International Lecture Series. May 2021.

Plenary Speaker. 1st Bhatter College International Conference on Recent Advances in English Studies. Virtual Conference. July 2021.

Moderator. Panel on Postcolonial Affect: Positive Affects and Alternative Futures. 2021 MLA Convention.

Plenary Speaker. “’And beyond/ Frighted the Reign of Chaos and old Night’: On the Humanities (in times of ) Crisis”. Philosophy: Beyond. Philippine Philosophical Association. University of the Philippines. Los Baños, Philippines. November 2019.

Plenary Speaker. “Dreaming of Optimistic Futures: Postcolonialism, Positive Affect, Critique”. 7th International Conference on English and American Literature. Shanghai International University, Shanghai. April 2019.


Positive Affects and Postcolonial Critique (under contract with Routledge)

Edited Book

Archipelagothic: Studies in the Philippine Gothic  (forthcoming).

Falling Leaves: Identities, Subjectivities, Mobilities, and the Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia. with J. Velasco and C. Miao (under contract with Brill, anticipated 2024).


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UM Teaching Excellence Award 2020/2021

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