Master of Arts in Chinese History and Culture

Duration: 2 years
Medium of Instruction: Chinese


The main objectives of the MA Program in Chinese History and Culture are to serve the local Primary and Secondary school teachers exclusively, allowing them, mostly via intensive lectures, interactive class discussions, and creative presentations, to advance and update their knowledge of Chinese history and culture, enhance their capability of appreciating and disseminating the achievements of the Chinese civilization, strengthen their skill and foundation for independent studying and excellent teaching of Chinese history and culture, as well as promote via the students the affection for and identity with the Chinese civilization among Macao’s youth community.


  • Priority design for Primary and Secondary school teachers in Macao
  • The main content is Chinese history, culture and language
  • A variety of lectures, including field surveys, classroom activities, teaching practices
  • Two years of programme, including a project report
  • Flexible curriculum based on working students’ work schedules, during summer or weekend classes



Graduation Requirements

  • Students have to finish all coursework and the project report, with total credits of 30;
  • GPA Requirement: cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above.

Entry Requirements

Admission will be in accordance with the University Admission Requirement for MA programmes. In addition, the MA students must have a BA degree in History, Literature, Geography, Education, Communication, Sociology, Chinese or a relevant field.

Please refer to the website of the Graduate School for more details.

Career Prospects

The student body will mainly be composed of local Primary and Secondary school teachers. Thus, most graduates shall return to their original working place and continue to be school teachers. Besides, some of them, if they want, could work at museum, library, government office, social organization, research institutes, etc. A few of them could continue to pursue a higher academic degree.


For more information about the programme, please visit CCHC website.