Master of Philosophy in History

Duration: 2 years
Medium of Instruction: English, with specific courses in Chinese


Students will expand their knowledge of history and develop skills in critical analysis, conducting research, and writing a discourse on a topic of the history field. In the end, the students will be better equipped for further academic study, or for professional career in the future.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, students should be able to:
1. Recognize and identify basic theories and research methods in the studies of history, with specialized training in three areas – the History of China, the History of Sino-Western communication and the History of Macao.
2. Demonstrate critical thinking and communication abilities, apply the principles and skills of academic writing, and develop a solid foundation for future careers in the areas of analysis, writing, and communication.
3. Understand academic ethics, conduct the academic studies independently, author academic thesis with certain findings, and develop interests in academic studies.


Academic Thesis

  • The academic thesis offers students the opportunity to develop an extended independent research project (75 pages).


New Curriculum for In-taken in Academic Year 2023-2024 and after, click here. (NEW- Master of Philosophy)

Graduation Requirements

  • Obtain 30 credits as stated in the study plan of the programme;
  • GPA Requirement: cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above;
  • Write an academic or applied thesis and pass the oral defence.

Entry Requirements

Please refer to the website of the Graduate School for details.

Career Prospects

Postgraduate study at the MA level is the gateway to the PhD, which is essential to those seeking to enter the academic profession. Many MAs of the history field in the past found jobs as history teachers in high school or work in college. The broad knowledge, analytical skills, and comprehensive writing skill in general contribute to success in many administrative and business pursuits.