XU, Minhui

PhD Coordinator

Prof. Xu was a visiting scholar at Simon Fraser University, Canada (08. 2003 – 08. 2004), and also at California State University Fresno, the US (11. 2016 – 09. 2017). She did her postdoctoral research at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (08. 2011 – 07. 2013). She serves as manuscript reviewer for a few refereed journals. She is also a proposal reviewer for the National Social Science Fund of China, and a degree thesis reviewer for Ministry of Education of China.

Authored Books:

Xu, Minhui. (2022). A Sociological Study of the English Translations of Shen Congwen’s Stories (沈从文小说英译的社会学研究). Beijing: Commercial Press (商务印书馆).

Xu, Minhui. (2013). English Translations of Shen Congwen’s Stories – A Narrative Perspective. Bern: Peter Lang International Academic Publishers.

Edited Books:

Chu, Chi Yu and Xu, Minhui. (2015) Current Issues in Translation Studies (当代翻译研究论集),Sichuan People’s Publishing House (四川人民出版社).

Journal Articles:

Xu, Minhui. (2022). The interdisciplinarity of sociology of translation: Subject, paradigm, and discourse (翻译社会学的学科间性:主题、范式、话语). Chinese Translators Journal, 43(1): 29-38.

Xu, Minhui and Chen, Tingting. (2022). Foreignized Translation of Onomatopoeia in The Last Lover. Rupkatha Journal, 14 (1): 1-12.

Xu, Minhui and Wang, Yike. (2022).  A Study of English Interviews with Translators of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction(2011-2020)(中国现当代小说译者英语访谈研究(2011-2020)). Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies (forthcoming).

Xu, Minhui. (2021). The Capital and Consecrating Process of Translated Literature(翻译文学的资本及其神圣化进程). Translation Quarterly 100: 15-24.

Xu, Minhui. (2020). Intensified foreignness in translated Chinese literary names – A case of Shen Congwen’s stories in English. Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice, 28:5, 792-805.

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Book Chapters:

Xu, Minhui. (2010). Translation ethics and preservation of foreignness – From Schleiermache to Berman to Venuti (翻译伦理与异域特质——从施莱尔马赫到贝尔曼到韦努蒂),  In Ren, Dongsheng (ed.) . Constructing conceptual framework of Translation Studies, Shanghai Foreign Languages Education Press, 368-379.

Xu, Minhui. (2010). Rethinking the polysystem theory – a case study of the English translation of “The Husband” (多元系统论再探——以《丈夫》的英译文本为例), In Yang, Zijian (ed.). English-Chinese Comparative Study and Translation 7, Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Languages Education Press, 616-623.

Xu, Minhui. (2010). Translator’s style in the making of the motif – a case study of the English translation of “Quiet” (从主题意境的营造看译者的风格——以《静》的英译文本为例), In Hu, Gengsheng (ed.). Translation and Cross-cultural Communication: Change and Interpretation, Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Languages Education Press.