Minor in History

Duration: 2-4 years
Medium of Instruction: English will be the primary language of instruction and Chinese will be supplementary.


  • Develop the ability to examine other societies in a global context and to look at one’s own society in the context of other societies.
  • Develop the ability to examine current issues in historical perspective.
  • Develop an ability to engage with the discipline of history. Students will learn to ask historical questions, make historical arguments, and engage in historical debates.


The Minor Programme in History is designed with a wide range of history courses to provide students the opportunity to examine change and development in human societies over time. Students are free to select courses in the topics, geographical areas, and time periods that most suit their needs and interests. Students engaged in history studies will acquire skills that have been identified as ones needed in the 21st century: creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and communication.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with a minor qualification, a student must complete all requirements of the enrolled minor programme, as well as all the requirements of the major programme of study. The results achieved in the minor courses will not be calculated towards the calculation of graduation GPA.

Entry Requirements

Please refer to the Registry’s website.

Career Prospects

Our objective is that our students become globally-competitive, develop key qualifications, realize their potential and ultimately take up a variety of professions not only in academia and advanced historical research, but also in government and administration, business, law, archives, libraries and museums, cultural institutions, journalism and media. The success of our students is our biggest joy, as they will always be part of our alumni network.