Minor in Japanese Studies

Duration: 2-4 years
Medium of Instruction: Japanese


The minor programme in Japanese studies is to help students understand the Japanese language and culture. Language courses offered to minor students mainly focus on the language skills of reading, listening and speaking. The minor also enables students to advance their understanding of Japanese culture and society through some content courses. Upon completing this programme, students will be able to communicate in Japanese language and apply knowledge of Japanese culture to their future professional careers.


  • Japanese courses taught by devoted instructors who are capable to teach in multiple languages including Japanese language.
  • Short-term summer program for up to two weeks is available for second year and above students to participate. On campus, students have ample opportunities to participate activities outside class, which are designed for practising speaking and listening skills with native speakers.


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Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with a minor qualification, a student must complete all requirements of the enrolled minor programme, as well as all the requirements of the major programme of study. The results achieved in the minor courses will not be calculated towards the calculation of graduation GPA.

Entry Requirements

Please refer to the Registry’s website.

Career Prospects

Graduates with minor in Japanese will be able to work at government sectors and Japanese companies in Macao, in the fields of tourism, production, finance and hospitality industries.