FAH hosts school visit for Tsun Jin High School, Malaysia

23 May 2019

Dean of FAH, Prof. Hong Gang JIN introduces FAH

A group of 19 teachers from Tsun Jin High School, Malaysia (吉隆坡循人中學) visited the Faculty of Arts and Humanities on 21st May, 2019. 

Dean of FAH, Prof. Hong Gang JIN explained to the group about the vision and mission of FAH in the regional and global context, the faculty programme features and specialty, as well as how FAH can equip students with abilities essential to success in the 21st Century. Prof. Man Yin CHIU, BA Programme Coordinator of English Studies, Department of English, was invited to give an overview about the department and the programmes it offers, he highlighted the many career opportunities and shared the successful career advancement of alumni.

Prof. Man Yin CHIU presents a souvenir

After the presentation sessions the delegation visited various teaching and research facilities of FAH, including the newly refurbished Simultaneous Interpreting laboratory (SI Lab)and the Cognitive Studies Laboratory. Professor Victoria Lei, Assistant Dean of FAH, explained how the SI Lab facilitates simulation of real-world situations and reflective learning. She also summed up what UM’s translation programme has achieved in recent years. During the visit to the Cognitive Studies Lab, Professor Lei elaborated on how cutting-edge research in cognitive psychology and neurosciences could support teaching, especially translation and interpreting training and language acquisition. Graduate students working in the lab showed the visitors their research using eye tracking, Electroencephalography (EEG) and Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS).

The delegation visits various teaching and research facilities of FAH

The group was highly focused and intensely engaged in the presentation arranged for them during the 1-hour visit, and enjoyed the experience.