PhD in History

Duration: 4 years
Medium of Instruction: English, some courses in Chinese


To train students to become research-oriented scholars and prepare them for their academic career in the future.


  • University-wide and Faculty-based courses to improve writing skills, research ethics, teaching ability, and knowledge in the student’s chosen field
  • Individual supervision to develop research and writing skills
  • Help the students with the preparation of academic publication


For students who are admitted in or before 2019/2020, click here.

For students who are admitted in or after 2020/2021, click here.

Graduation Requirements

For students who are admitted in or before 2019/2020:

  • Obtain 33 credits for students admitted with a relevant Master’s degree; 39 credits for students admitted without a relevant Master’s degree.
  • Write a doctoral thesis and pass the oral defense.

For students who are admitted in or after 2020/2021:

  • Complete all coursework (9 credits).
  • Write a doctoral thesis (18 credits) and pass the oral defense.

Entry Requirements

Please refer to the website of the Graduate School for details.

Career Prospects

A history PhD student is usually meant to become a scholar (mainly university professor). And, of course, one can also apply for work in other areas related to history and culture such as management and arts administration in the government, media, museum, library, or private company.