PhD in Literary Studies (Chinese)

Duration: 4 years
Medium of Instruction: Chinese


  • Fostering scholars who are well-versed in ancient and modern Chinese language and literature as well as related theories;
  • Enhancing capacity for independent research and publication of research findings;
  • Enabling candidates to produce high-quality doctoral theses.


  • In-depth research into specific aspects of Chinese literature;
  • Excellence in academic research in Chinese literature and innovative findings in the field;
  • Courses spanning two semesters followed by the writing of a doctoral dissertation.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Examine related-theories in ancient and modern Chinese language and literature;
  • Skillfully and accurately conduct independent research and publication of research findings;
  • Produce high-quality doctoral dissertations.

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete and pass all the courses in study plan (26 credits in total);
  • Write a doctoral dissertation and pass the oral defence.

Entry Requirements

Please refer to the website of the Graduate School for further details.

Career Prospects

  • Our graduates enjoy a competitive edge in leading universities and research institutions across the world.
  • Pursue a career in the educational institutions and government departments in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao.
  • Work in fields including the media, writing, publishing, and cultural creative industry, etc.


  1. Resources for the current students at the Graduate School;
  2. Please refer to the Course Catalog for course information of the curriculum.