PhD in Literary Studies (English)

Duration: 4 years
Medium of Instruction: English


  • To allow the student to write a high quality, original academic thesis which can be published either individually as articles, or as an entire book after graduation
  • To widen the breadth of the student’s knowledge in their chosen area.
  • To generally improve the student’s awareness of research methodology
  • To train the student up to a professional level of academic writing
  • To qualify the student for work either as a university professor, or for work in areas such as government administration and independent research groups
  • To assist the student in securing high level publications of research outside their thesis


  • Careful and intense supervision over the writing of a long, original thesis
  • University-wide and Faculty-based courses to improve writing skills, research ethics , teaching ability, and knowledge in the student’s chosen field
  • Experience in academic teaching, the organization of conferences and other essential academic duties
  • Help with the preparation of academic articles for publication in prestigious journals


  • For students who are admitted in or after 2020/2021 or later, please click here.
  • For students who are admitted from 2016/2017 to 2019/2020, please click here.
  • For students who are admitted in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016, please click here.
  • For students who are admitted in 2013/2014, please click here.

Graduation Requirements

Please refer to the following rules and regulations for postgraduate programmes:

Entry Requirements

Please refer to the Graduate School’s webpage.

Career Prospects

Most of our students become university professors, mainly in mainland China, however others also go further afield. With a PhD in English, however, one can also apply for work in other areas such as management, public service, the media, and of course arts administration.