Prof Li Ping, a professor from the Department of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, and a visiting professor at UM’s Centre for Chinese History and Culture, has been elected vice president of the Cantonese Culture Research Association of Guangdong Province (CCRA). Prof Li plans to further promote the study of Lingnan culture in the Pearl River Delta region and strengthen the cultural links between Macao and Guangdong in teaching and research.

This is the second time since 2012 that Prof Li has been elected vice president of the CCRA. Prof Li noted that the CCRA has been actively promoting research in and dissemination of the Cantonese culture to support the development of cultural undertakings in the Greater Bay Area.

The CCRA is a first-class provincial academic association dedicated to the studies of the Cantonese culture. In recent years, it has also become an important platform for linking Chinese scholars at home and abroad.