Department of English Professor Ronald Fong’s book The Chinese Resultative Construction – a Cognitive Constructional Analysis has been given an award in the 6th “Macao Humanities and Social Sciences Research Outstanding Achievement Award” organized by the Macau Foundation. The Macau Foundation is a government funded non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of research and scholarship in Macau. Prof. Fong’s book is a scholarly study of language that examines the structure and functions of the Chinese resultative construction. Specifically, it makes an attempt to integrate the form and function, the syntax and semantics, Chinese and English, and formal and functional perspectives. []

Prof. Fong is a veteran of the Department, having served the University since 1997. He teaches mainly in the area of grammar and syntax, phonology, and general linguistics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Prof. Fong has published extensively in the areas of English and Chinese syntax.

This is Ronald Fong’s second consecutive award by the Macau Foundation. In 2019 his article “Chinese Motion-Directional Construction: A Conceptual and Cognitive Analysis” published in Studies in Chinses Linguistics (2017) was also awarded a prize for outstanding research achievement. []