Eligible for students of FAH
Year 3 to 4 undergraduates

Susquehanna University (US)
A national liberal arts college in USUniversity of Florence (Florence, Italy)
An Italian public research university located in Florence
Year 3 to 4 undergraduates and Masters
Linköping University (Sweden)
Innovative in education and researchHankuk University of Foreign Studies (Korea)
The birthplace of foreign language education in Korea and teaches 45 languages of Asia, the Middle East and other major regions of the world

FAH General Office
Telephone: (+853) 8822 4582 / (+853) 8822 8221
E-mail: fah.exchange@um.edu.mo

Year 3 to 4 undergraduates and Masters
Kassel University (Germany)
A young, modern and vibrant university, characterized by its openness to new ideas in every single area of its workEnquiries
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Telephone: (+853) 8822 4768
E-mail: fah.philosophy@um.edu.mo

Eligible for students in English Studies Major
Year 3 to 4 undergraduates

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (US)
A high research activity university with a beautiful campus
Year 3 to 4 undergraduates, Masters and PhDs
Malmo University (Sweden)
To take courses emphasizing creative writing skills
South China Normal University (China)
An institution of higher education with a long history and a rich legacyEnquiries
Department of English
Telephone: (+853) 8822 8201 / (+853) 8822 4063
E-mail: fah.english@um.edu.mo

Eligible for  year 2 to 3 local Macao students in History Major

Peking University (China)
A comprehensive and national key universityEnquiries
Department of History
Telephone: (+853) 8822 8801 / (+853) 8821
E-mail: fah.history@um.edu.mo

Eligible for students in Portuguese Studies Major
Year 1 undergraduates

Beijing Foreign Studies University (China)
BFSU teaches 101 foreign languages, more than any other Chinese universities
Year 3 to 4 undergraduates
University of Évora (Portugal)
University of Lisbon (Portugal)
University of Minho (Portugal)
University of Coimbra (Portugal)
University of Aveiro (Portugal)
University of Porto (Portugal)
University of São Paulo (Brazil)
Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)   
Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil)    
University of Campinas (Brazil)
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Department of Portuguese
Telephone: (+853) 8822 8903 / (+853) 8822 4634
E-mail: fah.portuguese@um.edu.mo

Eligible for year 4 students in Japanese Studies Major

University of Tsukuba
University of Nagasaki
Teikyo University
Sophia University
Soka University
Shigakukan University
Okinawa International University
Meijo University
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Keio University
J. F. Oberlin University
Akita International University
Tenri University
Fukui University
Kyoto Women’s University

Centre for Japanese Studies
Telephone: (+853) 8822 8260
E-mail: fah.japanese@um.edu.mo

General Information for Exchange / Study Abroad

Application There are 1 to 2 application periods per academic year. Applicants should meet the application requirements.
Subsidies Eligible applicants can apply for subsidies from GAO Outgoing Exchange Scholarship (OES), Macau Foundation Outgoing and Exchange Scholarship (MFOES).
Costs &Tuition Fee Students are responsible for
– accommodation costs;
– living expenses;
– round-trip transportation costs;
– insurance;
– visa application and;
– tuition fees*
*Students joining exchange programmes will pay UM tuition fee; students joining study abroad programmes will pay tuition fee to the Host University.– For UM tuition fee information, please refer to Registry website for undergraduate programmes OR GRS website for postgraduate programmes.
Learning Agreement Students are strongly advised to seek approval of the learning
before exchange/ study abroad.