Professor Hans-Georg Moeller and Chiang Hio Fai recently released an interview with renowned scientist Robert Sapolsky on his new book, Determined: A Science of Life Without Free Will (Penguin Press, 2023). Sapolsky is a professor of biology, neurology, neurological sciences, and neurosurgery at Stanford University.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE) studio at the University of Macau recorded the interview.

Determined offers an in-depth exploration of the implications of determinism on the human condition. In its blurb: “Sapolsky argues that while living our daily lives recognizing that we have no free will is going to be monumentally difficult, doing so is not going to result in anarchy, pointlessness, and existential malaise. Instead, it will make for a much more humane world.”

The interview with Professor Sapolsky is a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about determinism and its implications. Be sure to check out Professor Moeller and Chiang Hio Fai’s YouTube channel Carefree Wandering for the full interview.