Prof Joaquim Io-Kei KUONG

Prof Joaquim Io-Kei KUONG

Assistant Professor

Assistant Dean for Faculty Publicity and Events Planning
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Consultation Hours
Mondays and Thursdays 10:00-11:00

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He completed his BA in English at UM and obtained his PhD in Linguistics at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA.

Research Interests

Joaquim’s main research interests are in formal and generative approaches to grammar, particularly in the areas of syntax, morphology, and (second/foreign) language acquisition. One of his recent research projects focused on the cross-linguistic variation of the syntactic and pragmatic properties of topic-comment structures, with a detailed study of this linguistic phenomenon in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese. He is currently investigating the syntax of interrogative phrases and affixation in such phrases, as well as Chinese speakers’ second-language acquisition of the morpho-syntactic features of English interrogatives and the so-called subject-auxiliary inversion (SAI) phenomenon and lack thereof. In addition, he is working on a joint project involving a linguistic analysis of several European philologists’ interpretation of (Mandarin) Chinese grammar in the eighteenth century.

Joaquim would be interested in supervising MAs in the areas of (a) comparative analysis of morpho-syntactic phenomena in English and Mandarin/Cantonese; (b) second-language acquisition of English morphology and syntax; and (c) formal syntactic theory.

Courses Regularly Taught

He teaches in the following areas: General Linguistics, Syntax, Comparative Grammar, Linguistics Research Methods.


A native of Macau, Joaquim Kuong joined the University of Macau in 2007 and holds an assistant professorship. Before joining the Department of English at UM, he taught briefly at George Mason University (USA). Joaquim had also worked as a translation editor.

Selected Publications
  • Kuong, I.-K. (2009). Decompositionality of question words: what the hell and gwai2 “the devil” can tell. In A. Chin, B.-C. Kwok, P.-L. Lee, & B. Tsou (Eds.), Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Cantonese Atudies: Papers from the 13th International Conference on Cantonese & Yue Dialects (pp. 339-58).Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong, 2009.
  • Kuong, I. -K. (2008). Yes/no question particles revisited: the grammatical functions of mo4, me1, and maa3. In M. Chan (Ed.), Proceedings of the Twentieth North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-20). GSIL, University of Southern California.
  • Kuong, I.-K. & Flannery, M. (2006). Incorporating frame-setting topic into the theory of syntax. The Southern Journal of Linguistics, 27(1/2), 83-96.