Prof Vincent Xian WANG

Prof Vincent Xian WANG

Associate Professor
(853) 8822 8225

Consultation Hours
Tuesday 14:30-15:30
Wednesday 8:50-9:50

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PhD and MA in Applied Linguistics, University of Queensland

Research Interests

My initial research interest was in second language acquisition and pedagogy. I focused on investigating L2 learners’ pragmatic competence for several years, and proceeded by relating pragmatic research to translation studies and published in this area. I’m currently conducting research projects that use a contrastive approach to investigate differences between Chinese and English in terms of linguistics and discourse properties, using both comparative and parallel corpora.

Courses Regularly Taught

Translation-related subjects at the UM, at both undergraduate and graduate levels:

  • ENGL2004 Language Studies for Translation
  • ENGL2005 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation
  • ENGL3044 Translation for the Media
  • ENGL3045 Translation of Business and Legal Writings
  • AHGC7000 Comparative Language Studies for Translation
  • AHGC7063 Translation for Administration and Commerce

Supervised students of both MA in translation and MA in applied English studies, and began to supervise PhD student from Auguest 2016.


Vincent Wang joined the University of Macau as an assistant professor in 2007. He had taught English and translation subjects for five years at a tertiary institution in Macau before joining the Department of English, UM. He also worked in the industrial world for some years in France, Beijing and Macau for Companie Generale de Chauffe, and practised technical and commercial translation (between French, English and Chinese) and oral interpreting for business meetings. He practises translation in Macau, and has performed simultaneous interpreting for more than ten conferences (between English, Mandarin and Cantonese).

Professional Experience

NAATI Certified Professional Translator (English > Chinese, Practitioner ID: CPN4KH66Q)

Professional Affiliations

Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT, no.4336)

Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

Federação de Tradutores e Intérpretes de Macau (FTIM)


Awards & Honors

Academic staff award, University of Macau, 2011

Selected Publications


Wang, V.X. (2011). Making requests by Chinese EFL learners. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Journal articles

Wang, V.X. (2015). Tapping into the Worlds of the Target Language: A Reexamination of L2 Learning. Journal of Language, Literature and Culture, 62(3), 191-196.

Wang, V.X. (2009). Pragmatic shifts in two translations of Fusheng Liuji: A descriptive study of request behaviour. Target, 21(2), 209-234.

Book chapters

Wang, V. X. (2020). Pragmatics and Chinese Translation. In Lily Lim & Defeng Li (Eds.), Key Issues in Translation Studies in China: Reflections and New Insights (pp. 77-90). Singapore: Springer Singapore. [link]

Wang, V. X. (2019) Chinese workplace discourse: politeness strategies and power dynamics In Chris Shei (Ed.) The Routledge Handbook for Chinese Discourse Analysis (pp. 339-351). Boca Raton, FL, USA: Taylor & Francis Group,

Wang, V. X. (2017) Chinese discourse and pragmatics in translation. In Chris Shei and Zhaoming Gao (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Translation (pp. 147-163). London: Routledge.

Wang, V. X. and Lim, L. (2017) How do translators use web resources? Evidence from the performance of English-Chinese translators. In Dorothy Kelly (Ed.) Human Issues in Translation Technology (pp. 63-79). London: Routledge.

Wang, V.X. (2015). Translating motion events from English into Chinese: An examination of literary works. In L. Ko & P. Chen (Eds.), Translation and Cross-cultural Communication Studies in the Asia Pacific (pp. 115-132). Leiden: Brill | Rodopi.

王憲. (2013). 香港法例翻譯的語域分析 (A register analysis of legislative translation in Hong Kong). In 高亮 and 陳平 (Eds.), 翻译研究與跨文化交流 (Translation Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication) (pp. 97-109). 臺北: 書林出版有限公司 (Bookman Books, Ltd.).

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