ELC Director, Professor Katherine Chen, gave out the opening remark and encouraged students to develop a growth mindset for learning English

The English Language Centre, Faculty of Arts and Humanities welcomed 351 in-coming first-year students to kick off the Summer English Immersion Programme 2019 (SEIP). The 30th June Opening Ceremony was attended by all the students, the Director of the English Language Centre (ELC), programme coordinators, ELC instructors, and 43 Programme Assistants from all over the world. A second-year student Chan Un Leong shared his tips and enjoyment of learning English when he was at the programme the year before. Professor Katherine Chen, the Director of ELC, gave an opening remark to encourage students to develop a growth mindset (Dweck 2006) and not be afraid to make mistakes.

After a series of introduction about the programme staff and class teachers, the programme assistants conducted the demonstration about the class activities. The programme will start on 1st of July and will end on 26 July. During the four weeks, students will participate in an intensive project-oriented learning programme and immerse in a friendly and fun English language environment from morning until night. They will also take part in multiple clubs organized by the programme assistants and will have their final performance in the closing ceremony to demonstrate their improvement in English as well as personal development in the programme.