The English Writing and Communication Centre (EWCC) of the English Language Centre (ELC) kicked off the month with the Open House event on 11th October, which was a huge success. The Open House event aimed at allowing students to learn more about our center, including our services and activities.

We were thrilled to see many students visiting our center, whether they were seeking English learning advice or just having fun through English interactive activities. The energy and engagement of the students at the event were amazing.

Learning a language does not have to be dull. The EWCC Open House event provided a platform for our students to engage in our English interactive activities and learn English while having fun. We were also happy to see students of various disciplines and levels bringing up language learning questions, exchanging experiences and ideas, and learning from each other.

This year, EWCC proposed a “Lemon Tea DIY experience” for charity purposes. Students can get the chance to make their own lemon tea with any amount of donations (100% of the money is donated directly to the animal rescue organizations). Besides offering help to animal rescue organizations, the main purpose is to familiarize students with the harmful consequences of pet abandonment and the hard work of the organizations.

The Open House event was a great way to share information about our consultation services and upcoming activities, which will bring students invaluable opportunities to improve their English proficiency.