The Final Bentobox Lecture

The final session of the Bentobox Lecture Series was held on the 16th of December 2020. The thoughtful and inspiring presentation by Prof. Nevia Dolcini from the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies and Dr. Raquel Abi-Sâmara were a fitting way to conclude the Bentobox Lecture Series before it transforms into the Macau Humanities Forum. This final Bentobox event was well attended, and a lively discussion that involved both in-person and online participants followed the presentation of our two speakers.

Prof. Nevia Dolcini

Prof. Nevia Dolcini’s presentation, which is entitled “On Being Foolish: Self-Deception and Communication, is a philosophical inquiry on the nature of self-deception. Prof. Dolcini intervenes in the debates between intentionalists and anti-intentionalists (which are positions distinguished by whether or not self-deception should be modeled after deception by another). Prof. Dolcini focuses her inquiry on communication, which she contends highlights the pragmatic dimension of self-deception. She draws on several literary examples to illustrate how self-deception is distinct from other-deception yet also curiously linked to it.

Dr. Abi-Sâmara

Dr. Abi-Sâmara’s presentation is entitled “Literary Translation and The Metamorphosis: Franz Kafka on the Scene”. The talk revolved around Kafka’s work Die Verwandlung and its translation from German to Portuguese. In her talk, Dr. Abi-Sâmara shared her experiences as a translator of literary texts, which included her reflection on the role and ethical responsibilities of the translator as a historical subject (Meschonnic).

Beginning the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, the FAH Bentobox Lecture Series will be reborn as the Macau Humanities Forum. The Macau Humanities Forum will emphasize interdisciplinarity in the Humanities and will also welcome visiting speakers in addition to members of our own faculty. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Bentobox team