The inauguration ceremony of UM’s Suao Pavilion

The University of Macau (UM) held the inauguration ceremony of the Suao Pavilion and the opening ceremony of the Second Festival of Chinese Culture. The event was attended by a total of 60 guests, including government officials and representatives of UM and other associations. The Suao Pavilion was built through donations by the Jiangsu Overseas Friendship Association and the Suzhou Overseas Friendship Association. It is located on the lawn outside the Cultural Building at UM. The pavilion symbolises the cultural exchanges between Jiangsu and Macao, as well as the heritage of Chinese history and culture. It not only enriches the cultural landscape of the campus, but also demonstrates the harmonious coexistence of the Jiangnan and Lingnan cultures.
On the other hand, the event kicked off the Second Festival of Chinese Culture organised by the Centre for Chinese History and Culture of UM. The festival has three components: 1) lectures, promotion, and education on Chinese history and culture; 2) exhibitions, performances, and demonstrations on Chinese history and culture; and 3) forums, seminars, and debates on Chinese culture and Macao culture. In addition, the Henan Research Institute of Culture and History was invited to be the co-organiser of the festival, in the hope of enhancing the academic quality of the forums with its rich academic resources. The university will be holding nearly 100 activities with its partner universities during the festival.

Fang Wei

A group photo