The University of Macau (UM) Philosophy and Religious Studies Programme and the Rui Cunha Foundation (RCF) will collaborate again to hold the Philosophy Café, which is a series of philosophical conversations. The first session, titled ‘Do We Need Confucius in the World Today?’, will take place on 26 September at Rui Cunha Foundation.

The event aims to discuss the significance of Asian Values in the modern society. The topic has been highlighted by rising Asian nations in recent decades, specifically as a corrective to Western values that centre primarily on individual rights and liberties. The Philosophy Café will revisit the question of the role of Confucian values in contemporary Asian societies such as Macao, where they still exert considerable influence. The session will be introduced by Hans-Georg Moeller, a professor of philosophy at UM, and moderated by Nicolas Le Jeune, a PhD candidate at UM.

The Philosophy Café was created at the Café des Phares in France in 1992 by the philosopher Marc Sautet. The Café involves philosophical conversations, that is, human interactions that link all people, because they revolve around a fundamental human question. The goal of the Philosophy Café is Socratic – that participants leave the discussion with more questions than they had when they arrived.

The Philosophy Café, initiated in 2015, takes place once every two months in a public place and is open to everyone. The upcoming session will be held on 26 September at Rui Cunha Foundation, Av Da Praia Grande N 749, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. The talk and discussion will be conducted in English. Admission is free.

For enquiries, please contact the Philosophy and Religious Studies Programme Office at (853) 8822 4768 or For more information, please visit

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