Over the years, the University of Macau (UM) has organised courses in various formats to nurture Chinese-Portuguese bilingual professionals. The university’s Portuguese Language Summer Course is an annual event that has attracted students from around the world since its launch 33 years ago. The 34th edition of the course will be held online between 20 July and 31 July. It is now open for applications. Those aged 16 or above from China and abroad, especially students, teachers, translators, and those who are interested in Portuguese language, are welcome to apply.

Organised by the Department of Portuguese under UM’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the summer course will include both language courses and theme-based courses to help students develop linguistic and sociolinguistic skills in Portuguese as well as increase their knowledge of different cultures and intercultural awareness. In addition to content offered in the previous editions of the summer course, this year’s course will include new elements to stimulate students’ interest in learning in order to enhance their Portuguese language skills.

The language courses will be offered at five different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1), with between 45-50 course hours at each level. Around 15 to 20 hours will be devoted to guided autonomous learning. In addition to strengthening students’ Portuguese writing and speaking skills, the language courses will also cover grammar, lexicon, and other specific level-appropriate content. Theme-based courses include a total of 58 course hours and will touch on topics such as literature, linguistics, cinema, gastronomy, music, history, education, teaching, learning and language assessment, as well as translation and society. Students have the option to attend all the courses or design their own course schedule. In addition to linguistic and cultural training, participants will have the chance to learn more about Macao’s unique cultural background, as well as the Portuguese and Macanese communities in Macao and Portugal.

UM will provide relevant Portuguese learning materials for students. Those who attend language courses at A1 or A2 level will receive 50 hours of language training, with an extra ten hours in workshops on gastronomy and music, while those who attend courses at B1, B2, or C1 level will receive 45 hours of language training and 58 hours of theme-based courses. The gastronomy and music workshops were recorded in Macao and are designed to let students explore food and music from various Portuguese-speaking countries.

At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance with a description of their linguistic profile, a list of courses they have attended, and their language assessment results. Those aged 16 or above, especially students, teachers, translators, and those who are interested in Portuguese language, are welcome to apply. The deadline for applications is 12 July. To learn more or apply, please visit https://fah.um.edu.mo/ Portuguese-language-summer-course/.

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