The 36th Portuguese Language Summer Course, organised by the University of Macau (UM) Department of Portuguese, will begin online on 11 July. This year’s summer course has attracted students from Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao. Over 50 per cent of students will enroll in courses at intermediate or advanced levels.


This year’s summer course will be taught by Portuguese professors, researchers, and authors of Portuguese textbooks and reference texts from Macao and around the world. During the three-week course, in addition to 45 hours of language lessons, students will participate in public lectures and thematic courses, which will cover topics such as linguistics, history, gastronomy, music, dance, as well as society and culture of Portuguese-speaking African countries. In addition, this year’s summer course will offer special courses in two areas of great relevance and interest to Portuguese-speaking professionals in China, namely Chinese-Portuguese translation and Sino-Lusophone relations, and they will be taught by renowned translators and academics.


The online lectures are free and are open to the public. Portuguese writers José Luís Peixoto, Nuno Júdice, and Adriana Lisboa will speak on ‘The First Portuguese Novelists of the 21st Century’ (11 July, 7:00pm), ‘What is Poetry’ (20 July, 7:00pm) and ‘Literature and the Natural World’ (29 July, 7:30pm) respectively. Those who are interested can attend the public lectures by visiting the following site at the time of the lectures: Participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with the speakers to broaden their knowledge of Portuguese literature and culture.