The Centre for Japanese Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau welcomed Prof. Yuzhen Liu from Department of Japanese, School of Foreign Languages, Nankai University to deliver a lecture entitled “Translation Methods and Techniques for Chinese and Japanese Classical Texts” on 15 November 2023. All the academic staff and over 100 students of the Centre attended the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Liu presented two volumes of Japanese language textbooks, which he co-authored with two Japanese professors, as a gift to the Centre for Japanese Studies. During the lecture, Professor Liu first introduced the current state of Japanese language education in China, the MTI program and the course of Translation of Chinese and Japanese Classical Texts at Nankai University, highlighting the importance of translating classical texts. He then analyzed several examples from works such as The Analects of Confucius and Selected Tang Poems to illustrate the common challenges and relevant techniques in translating Chinese classical texts into Japanese. In the Q&A session, students raised questions regarding classical literature and translation between Chinese and Japanese, to which Professor Liu provided detailed answers.