Connect with Japanese Language Education Specialist: A Journey into the World of Japanese Onomatopoeia

The Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) of Faculty of Arts and Humanities linked up with the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (Japan) to host a special lecture for Japanese language majors on 20 April 2022, chaired by Prof. CHEN Fangze, Director of the Center for Japanese Studies. Prof. Kei Ishiguro, who is well known in the field of Japanese linguistics and Japanese language education, was invited to give the talk. Prof. Ishiguro is the chief professor of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics in the field of Japanese language education, and a professor of the graduate school for language and society in Hitotsubashi University. He has published over 20 books, over 10 textbooks and dictionaries so far.

During the lecture, Prof. Ishiguro demonstrated and explained the Japanese phonetic and mimetic words with detailed data and vivid examples, under the title of “Delightful ONOMATOPOEIA – Words hunting in Japanese”. He also provided practical advice to the participants. The academic staff members and students of the Center for Japanese Studies enjoyed the entire lecture through asking questions on relevant topics and interacting with Prof. Ishiguro online. Prof. Ishiguro is looking forward to having more opportunities to collaborate with the Japanese Studies Centre in the future. Before the lecture, Dr. Yuzhe LI, the teacher of CJS, introduced in detail the research experience and research achievements of Prof. Ishiguro.