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Department of Chinese Language and Literature


The Department of Chinese Language and Literature (the Chinese Department in short) is one of the first disciplines established at the University of Macau. Chinese Studies has long assumed an important position in the four-decade long development of the University. In recent years, the concerted support from the university has greatly strengthened the Chinese Department in its core teaching faculty and in advances made in the Chinese discipline. Such institutional support has contributed to substantial headway in teaching, research, and contribution to the discipline to the extent that a sound momentum has been achieved featuring a well-established discipline, strong teaching faculty, comprehensive pedagogical framework, and a rigorous and open academic atmosphere.

In recent years, the Department has strengthened its cultural construction and spiritual cultivation. “Seeking the truth, refraining from vulgarity, and appreciating goodness” becomes the cultural character of the Department. “Being a knowledgeable young man and an erudite gentleman” is the spiritual temperament of the Department faculty members and students. The Department puts these as the goals in running the Department, conducting research, and educating students.

The Department maintains a balance between Chinese literature and linguistics, having established an outstanding academic reputation in both fields. The programmes include courses in linguistics, literature, and cultural studies. The goal is to foster students with an open and inquisitive mind that helps them better adapt and contribute to a rapidly changing world.

Our Advantage

The Chinese department is staffed by world-renowned scholars who are committed to uphold the tradition of rigorous and innovative academic inquiry, with active involvement and dedication to academic research. Our faculty has published a series of monographs of high academic standing.  Our presence is also conspicuous in leading domestic and international academic journals. Our key strengths lie in the fields of traditional Chinese philosophy and culture, ancient Chinese literature, Chinese new literature and Chinese linguistics.

Academic Achievements

The Chinese department is staffed by world-renowned scholars who are committed to the inherited tradition of rigorous and innovative academic pursuit, exhibiting unyielding dedication to academic research. Colleagues in Chinese department have published a series of monographs which are of considerable scholarly heft, and published extensively in leading domestic and international academic journals. Our research strength and discipline are widely recognized and applauded in the field of traditional Chinese philosophy and culture, ancient Chinese literature research, Chinese new literature studies and Chinese studies.

Collaboration and Partnership

We particularly emphasize collaboration and exchange with universities both at home and overseas. We have established an academic partnership with Chinese departments in leading universities, including Peking University, National Taiwan University, and Hong Kong University. This proudly serves as the top-level platform for exchange in teaching and research in Chinese language and literature. We have had much success with through mutual visits between scholars and student exchange programmes.

Academic Activities

The Chinese Department has served as the hosts for multiple successfully-held major international conferences. The Distinguished Lecture series and Chinese new literature series, invite leading experts and scholars at home and abroad to visit UM and give lectures on a regular/non-regular basis, which have generated significant impact in the academia.

Community Service

While remaining dedicated to teaching and research, faculty members of Chinese department are also actively involved in community services in UM and Macao as a whole. Besides shouldering responsibilities of teaching students enrolled in the Chinese program of various degrees and grades, our department also conducts the Chinese-related general education courses at the university level. Our department is also home to multiple academic institutions and societies, which include the Research Centre for Humanities in South China, Chinese Traditional Culture Study Association of Macao, Macau Poetry Association, Linguistic Society of Macao, Macao Yue Dialects Association, Macau Association of Literary and Artistic Critics, Macao Modern Literature Association, Macao Chinese Comparative Literature Association, Macao Literary Composition Science Association,  Macau Documentation and Information Society, Association for Macau Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection, as well as Macao Society of Chinese Poetry. These institutions and organizations have become the window and bond connecting and contributing to social and cultural events in Macao.

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Curriculum and Programmes

We have widely acclaimed experience in undergraduate education, likewise we are also committed to postgraduate education, with the mission of fostering top human resources in language and literature with special focus on Macao. We have a comprehensive teaching system encompassing programmes at all levels including BA, MA and PhD. Our graduates demonstrate fine professional qualities and strong competence which keeps them in high demand in the job market.

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Writers-and-Artists-in-Residence Programme

Wang Meng

Academic Year 2012/2013


Yu Kwang-chun

Academic Year 2013/2014


Chen Yuehong

Academic Year 2014/2015

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